Honing Canada’s Approach to Interventions

By Roméo Dallaire and Philippe Lagassé.

Published in Embassy Magazine, November 16, 2011.

Canada and its NATO allies performed admirably during their recent intervention in Libya. They acted to prevent a predatory regime from potentially committing a mass atrocity; they addressed a challenge before it became an unmitigated crisis.

Although a peaceful transition to a post-Gaddafi Libya, a respect for fundamental human rights, and a commitment to democracy and the rule of law are not yet assured, these accomplishments are by no means negligible.

NATO’s achievement in Libya is especially noteworthy when compared with previous failures and current cases of inaction. Too often, the international community waits for crises to explode before intervening militarily, if they intervene at all. This habit has led to horrific losses of life and costly efforts to bring an end to the violence over the long-term….

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