• The University of Ottawa has a critical mass of researchers across departments and faculties who are working on the contested subject of “fragile states.” Faculty from various units are addressing issues such as the challenges of justice in war-affected societies like Rwanda; the tensions between statutory and private security in other African states; and the dilemmas facing Canada in Afghanistan, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • The Fragile States Research Network, sponsored by CIPS, provides a platform for exchange and collaboration among University of Ottawa researchers, colleagues in other institutions, and policy officials, who are working on issues of state fragility.

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Lessons from U.S. and Canadian Stabilization and Reconstruction Efforts in Afghanistan and other States in Fragile Situations

Presented by the CIPS and Fragile States Research Network As US-led international stabilization and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan move into their sixteenth...

Sep 19th, 2018