Voting for a Better World? Foreign Policy in the 2019 Election

It is a common belief that foreign policy does not win elections and that the general public is uninterested in international affairs, absent an immediate threat to their welfare and security. In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, however, the distinction between domestic policy and international affairs is tenuous and porous, and global events often have direct and enduring impacts “at home”. Perhaps more than ever before this is the case with the 2019 elections which will take place in an international climate of rapid change and uncertainty.

With this series of events, CIPS seeks to put international affairs and foreign policy firmly on the election agenda. Conducted in the spirit of open, clear and informed conversation, we explore not only the most pressing global issues facing Canada and Canadians, but also the possible foreign policy options and solutions.

1. Is Canada back?

Wednesday 5 June

Featuring Chris Hall of the CBC and representatives of the major federal political parties for a panel discussion on Canada’s foreign policy and the upcoming federal election. Register here.

Video recording of the event is available here.

2. Alone in the world? Directions for Canada in a changing world

Tuesday 10 September 6pm FSS4007

3. Strong and Secure? How should Canada respond to new security challenges?

Tuesday 17 September 6pm FSS4004

4. Is Canada still a good international citizen?

Tuesday 24 September 6pm FSS4004

5. Facing the heat? Canada and climate change

Tuesday 1 October 6pm FSS4004