A focal point for scholarship and debate on international affairs in Canada

Created in 2007, the Centre for International Policy Studies is jointly funded by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Office of the Vice President-Research at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Excellence in Research

Through strategic hiring and the creation of new programs, the University of Ottawa has built a strong and growing team of researchers in international affairs across departments and faculties, including in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, the School of Development and Global Studies, the School of Political Studies and the Law School. We are committed to the highest standards of research and to collaborating with other excellent scholars around the world.

Informed Public Debate

CIPS is also committed to promoting evidence-based discussion of international policy issues in Canada. In just a few years, CIPS has established itself as a leading centre in Canada for informed debate of foreign policy and international affairs. Discussions involve academics and students, government officials, journalists and other professionals, as well as interested members of the general public.

Focus Areas: International Security & Global Governance

CIPS has two focus areas for research and discussion:

  • International security – Today’s security challenges include the problems of failed and fragile states, the growing gap between rich and poor societies, the proliferation of destructive technologies, as well as the globalization of criminal networks, disease and pollution. CIPS is seeking to understand the changing nature of these and other security challenges – and to investigate possible responses.
  • Global governance – Major international organizations, including many created immediately after World War II, are struggling to adapt in a rapidly changing world. At the same time, new and less formal “governance” structures are emerging in international affairs, including mixed private-public methods of regulation, various types of specialized agencies, and hybrid national-international bodies. CIPS is exploring the changing landscape of international governance, recognizing that many of today’s most pressing problems are beyond the capacity of any single state to fix.


  • CIPS supports several research projects and networks based at the University of Ottawa.
  • The Centre also holds events including speakers and workshops, many open to the public.
  • CIPS maintains an international affairs blog, featuring analysis by 22 featured faculty contributors.
  • The Centre provides small grants to new University of Ottawa-based projects on a competitive basis. Those seeking support must demonstrate the scholarly importance and policy significance of their project, and their commitment to collaborating with other leaders in the field. Read more.
  • CIPS also hosts postdoctoral fellows and visiting researchers, and invites graduate students to be closely involved in its activities.
  • For more information on the Centre’s activities and objectives, please also see the Director’s message.


CIPS promotes and facilitates collaboration between international affairs researchers across departments and faculties of the University of Ottawa, and with researchers across Canada and around the world.

CIPS researchers are affiliated with several departments and faculties at the University, including:

External project partners and/or funders have included:

  • Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
  • Aurea Foundation
  • Canadian International Development Agency
  • Carnegie Council of New York
  • Center for Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, Stanford University
  • Center for Sustainable Development and International Peace, University of Denver
  • Centre for International Governance Innovation, Waterloo
  • Centre for International Relations, Queen’s University
  • Chaire Raoul-Dandurand en études stratégiques et diplomatiques
  • Economic and Social Research Council, United Kingdom
  • Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
  • Free University, Berlin
  • FRIDE, Madrid
  • German Ministry for Development and Cooperation
  • Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict, Oxford University
  • International Development Research Centre, Ottawa
  • Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)
  • Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre (NOREF)
  • Royal United Services Institute, London
  • Security and Defence Forum, Department of National Defence, Canada
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada

CIPS is also a member of the International Relations and Security Network, based in Zurich.

Further Information

For more information on CIPS, please contact the CIPS Research Centre Coordinator, Anna Bogic, at [email protected] or 613-562-5800 (ext. 2664).

See also the Director’s message.

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