CIPS Working Papers are research papers/works-in-progress on issues of concern to CIPS

No. 14 Srdjan Vucetic, More than a Spy Alliance? The Five Eyes Today

No. 13 Wesley Wark, Watching the Watchers: The National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians in Action

No.12 Christoph Zürcher, 30 Years of Chinese Peacekeeping

No. 11 GSPIA students, A Comparative Analysis of Defence Review Papers: Australia, France, and the United Kingdom

No. 10 Gabrielle Bardall, Canada’s Role in Inclusive Governance

No. 9: Wesley Wark, CSE and Lawful Access after Snowden

No. 8: Scott Staring, Stephen Harper, Leo Strauss and the Politics of Fear

No. 7: Wesley Wark, Electronic Communications Interception and Privacy: Can the Imperatives of Privacy and National Security Be Reconciled?

No. 6: Alex Neve, The View from Guantanamo Bay: Reflections on Omar Khadr’s Journey through Military Injustice

No. 5: Michael J. Williams, (Un)Sustainable Peacebuilding: NATO’s Suitability for Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Multi-Actor Environments

No. 4: M. Nazif Shahrani, Afghanistan’s Alternatives for Peace, Governance and Development: Transforming Subjects to Citizens & Rulers to Civil Servants

No. 3: Gilles Dorronsoro, Running Out of Time: Arguments for a New Strategy in Afghanistan

No. 2: Ronald Neumann, Afghanistan: Looking Forward

No. 1: Oskar N.T. Thoms, James Ron and Roland Paris, The Effects of Transitional Justice Mechanisms