Call for Proposals

2024 CIPS Graduate Student Conference

Conference theme: Exploring the “New” Terrain of Foreign Policy and International Relations (IR)

Conference date: Monday, March 11, 2024

Conference location: Room 4007, Social Sciences Building, University of Ottawa (main campus)

Free registration!

The Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS) at the University of Ottawa is pleased to announce a call for proposals for our upcoming conference on “Exploring the “New” Terrain of Foreign Policy and International Relations (IR).” This conference aims to bring together graduate student scholars and researchers with policymakers and practitioners to delve into the dynamic and evolving landscape of global affairs.

Conference Overview

In an era marked by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the realms of foreign policy and international relations are constantly shifting. The emergence of new actors, evolving power dynamics, technological advancements, and global crises have reshaped the way nations interact on the world stage. This conference seeks to explore these changes and foster a deep understanding of the “new” terrain as it unfolds.

We are particularly interested in receiving proposals which address the following topics or themes:

  • Feminist approaches to foreign policy that directly address gender inequalities, human rights and the phenomena of exclusion
  • Climate diplomacy, illustrated by foreign policies focused on geopolitical risks linked to energy sources, access to water resources, food security, migratory movements, as well as the security, fragility and resilience of societies, but also on global governance and the need for institutions on climate change
  • Electronic and technological methods of border surveillance within and between states
  • Crisis diplomacy, as an evolution of traditional diplomacy and a response to the challenges posed by the different crisis contexts of our contemporary world
  • Shifting global balance of power, whether military, political or economic, destabilizing international relations in the context of a multipolar world order

We welcome diverse perspectives and encourage interdisciplinary contributions to be submitted in both English and French from current graduate students. We especially welcome proposals that promote collaboration between Anglophone, Francophone, and Indigenous student communities.

Join us in exploring the “new” terrain of foreign policy and international relations! Your collaboration will deepen our understanding of the complex challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

We are soliciting proposals for papers, panels, and roundtables.

Papers: For authors interested in submitting just a paper (single authored or with multiple authors), please submit an abstract of 300-500 words, 5 keywords, and a title. At minimum, the abstract should clearly outline the research question, methodology, and anticipated findings.

Panels: These are proposed groups of 3-5 papers centered around a particular theme or topic and guided by a chair and discussant. Panel proposals should include the abstract and titles for each paper as well as a separate title and abstract for the panel itself. Conference organizers will help find a chair and discussant if the panel is accepted.

Roundtables: These are themed discussions with 5-8 people (including a chair and a facilitator). These roundtables may be on scholarly topics, or they may focus on a topic of graduate professional development. Roundtable proposals do not require participants to submit a written paper. Proposals should include an abstract and title for the roundtable, as well as suggested participants. If the roundtable is accepted, conference organizers will help find a chair and discussant, as well as additional members for the roundtable (if needed).

Please submit your proposals for papers, panels, or roundtables through the following form:ÉPICIPS_conference2024.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].


Important Dates

*Extended* deadline for proposals: January 23, 2024

Notification of acceptance: February 1, 2024

Papers due: March 1, 2024



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