The Global Ideas Annual Lecture is a cooperation between the University Research Chair on Global Political Thought, Professor Michael C. Williams, and the Centre for International Policy Studies.

The guiding principle behind the Annual Lecture and the wider research program of the University Chair on Global Political Thought is that ideas matter, and that in today’s world they matter more than ever.  Contests and clashes over ideas about economics, politics, and the global order are at the heart of the tumult that marks our political life. Clashes of interests in international affairs are intimately entwined with contests of ideas.

With the Global Ideas Annual Lecture, CIPS and the University Chair seek to engage with some of the most challenging ideas and issues in contemporary world politics.


November 1st, 2021 – Academic Freedom, Free Speech and Thinking for Yourself

Academic freedom is threatened from without—by authoritarian regimes in China, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, the list goes on—but it is also threatened from within. What does it take to actually think for yourself in the universities of the 21st century? And how do we strengthen academic freedom, at home and overseas?

Dr. Michael Igantieff is a writer, historian and former politician, author of the forthcoming On Consolation: Finding Solace in Dark Times. Formerly Edward R. Murrow Professor At Harvard’s Kennedy School and Rector of Central European University, he is now a professor of history at CEU, Vienna.



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