International Political Economy Network

Goals and aims
  • Promoting research excellence in the field of international political economy
  • Building a community of scholars, students and members of the public engaged in understanding the political, social and cultural dynamics of the global economy
  • Fostering greater public understanding of the challenges facing the global economy, as well as the political and social stakes of different responses to them.

What is IPE?

International political economy (IPE) is an interdisciplinary area of research that seeks to make sense of these kinds of questions, focusing on key issues such as international monetary politics, the political economy of migration, financial governance, trade relations, and the architecture of economic development.

IPE scholars come from the fields of political science, sociology, law, international development, history and economics, each bringing their different perspectives to bear on global economic issues.

An interdisciplinary network

Our members are drawn from a multitude of different disciplinary and theoretical backgrounds and address very different kinds of problems in their research.

Our members are political scientists, sociologists, economists, law professors, and development studies scholars.

Some focus on very concrete problems and solutions, seeking to make sense of past and present economic problems such as poverty or economic refugees and to propose policy-based remedies.  Others ask much broader, more philosophical questions about how what it means to be an economic actor, or how we can understand the economy in symbolic terms. While yet others seek to bridge the two levels of analysis, for example by linking everyday economic practices like consumer borrowing with much broader economic forces such as global financial stability.