The International Political Economy Research Network brings together Ottawa-based scholars, students and practitioners interested in understanding the political, social and cultural dynamics of the global economy.

Our members are drawn from a multitude of different disciplinary and theoretical backgrounds and address very different kinds of problems in their research.  Some focus on very concrete problems and solutions, seeking to make sense of past and present economic problems such as the recent financial crisis, poverty or economic refugees.  Others ask much broader, more philosophical questions about how what it means to be an economic actor, or how we can understand the economy in symbolic terms.

The IPE Network is designed to link those in Ottawa with an interest in political economic issues through a variety of events.

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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Beyond Carbon Dividends: The Comparative Political Economy of Carbon Pricing

Presented by CIPS and the International Political Economy Network: Despite being favored by economists, carbon pricing policies to reduce carbon pollution have...

Nov 15th, 2018

The State of the Study of the Market with Prof. Pascale Massot

Prof. Pascale Massot argues that the political science literature has not devoted enough energy to the task of defining what markets are...

Oct 15th, 2018

Inequality and Secular Stagnation: Industrial Organization, Intellectual Property, and Global Governance

Presented by CIPS and IPEN IPEN Speaker Series with Herman Schwartz, University of Virginia What explains the slowdown in global (and especially...

Mar 15th, 2018

Rethinking the Emerging Power Approach to IPE: The Case of Brazil

Presented by CIPS and IPEN One of the preoccupations of Anglo-Saxon scholars over the last decade has been: what does the rise of...

Mar 7th, 2018

The return of illiberalism and the future of IPE research

CIPS and IPEN present a roundtable with Craig Murphy and Juliet Johnson The events of the past two years—ranging from Trump’s election, the...

Mar 1st, 2018

The Five Faces of Global Inequality: a modest proposal to make the world a better place for all

Craig N. Murphy‘s paper is the draft of the introductory chapter of a book tentatively titled Equality or Extinction, which looks at the...

Feb 28th, 2018

How do we value ecosystem services? The Evolution of a Concept

CIPS and IPEN present a Lunchtime Seminar with Jennifer Allan   The concept of ecosystem services gained prominence in international policymaking circles as...

Feb 7th, 2018

Fracking and finance: can investor-activism reshape energy governance?

Presented by CIPS and IPEN (International Political Economy Network) Abstract: Shareholder resolutions—usually non-binding requests to corporations for changes to environmental, social, and...

Jan 18th, 2018

Questioning the Policing of Financial Conduct: Suspicion and Denunciation in Canada

Anthony Amicelle is Assistant Professor in Criminology at the Université de Montréal. His research examines practices of policing, surveillance and intelligence at...

Nov 29th, 2017


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