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The Middle East is confronted by authoritarianism, exclusive ethno-nationalism and extreme ideologies. Fair-minded normalcy is beyond reach for the foreseeable future and the situation may well worsen. Democratic transformation requires profound behavioral changes by the protagonists, which is likely to be generational. Any positive Western role will necessarily be limited, requiring sober realism based on the art of the possible. The aim of the series is to provide an in depth future oriented examination of major issues affecting the future of the region, with a focus on Canadian and Western policies and interests.


  • Michael Bell (CIPS and Norman Paterson School of International Affairs)
  • Thomas Juneau (Graduate School of Public and International Affairs)

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Past Events

Evidence and Intelligence in the Context of National Security Operations
Philip Wright 3/21/2017 FSS 4004 11h30-15h00

Parliamentary Eyes on the Spies? Discussing the proposed National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians
Eyes on the spies / Juneau 10/6/2016 FSS4004 11h00-14h30

T. Juneau / E. Mendez 11/10/2016 Law School 

Wesley Wark event w students 11/14/2016 FSS 4004 11h30-15h00

Current challenges in terrorism and counter-terrorism in Canada
Ward Elcock 11/21/2016 FSS 4004  11h00-14h30

The Tehran Test: How human rights cases in Iran are putting Canada’s foreign policy approach to the test
Iran Event 11/22/2016 FSS 4004 11h00-15h00 18h00-21h00

CSE: What do we Know? What do we Need to Know?
CSE and Bill Robinson 11/23/2016 FSS5028 11h00-15h00

Phillippe Beaulieu-Brossard 11/30/2016 FSS5028 11h00-15h00

Protecting the Government of Canada’s most important information: CSE and Cyber Security
Scott Jones 2/27/2017 FSS 4004 11h30-15h00

Geopolitics Unraveling: The Search for a New Normal
Mathew Burrows 3/23/2017 FSS 5028 12h30-15h30