CIPS Webinar Event Trouble Shooting Question and Answer

  1. Who can we contact if we are having issues accessing the Webinar?
    You can contact this email with all of your questions: [email protected]
  2. Why is Zoom or the Webinar platform asking me to log-in?
    If Zoom or the Webinar platform asks you to sign-in or prompts you to sign-in using an email or password please log-in using the information you used to RSVP for the event in Eventbrite. Zoom and other online webinar platforms have included this secondary log-in as a security measure.
  3. How to access a CIPS event. 
    To properly access a CIPS webinar event, it’s best to wait for the link to go live at the scheduled start time. The wait time ensures that there are no disruptions in service. Additionally, if you have RSVP’d to the event through Eventbrite, you may be prompted to log-in to the event with an email and password. This email and password are the ones that you initially provided to Eventbrite when RSVP’ing for the event. Thus you may have to log-in with those credentials. 
  4. Does CIPS collect my log-in information?
    No. CIPS does not collect any log-in information. If you are prompted to log in for the Webinar, it is most likely that Eventbrite requires you to relog-in to verify that you are the person who purchased the ticket. 
  5. Do CIPS Webinars have dedicated passwords? 
    No, CIPS Webinars do not have passwords. If there is a password required to enter the event, it will be included in an email.
  6. Are events recorded?
    Yes, CIPS events are recorded. The recordings are usually uploaded to our YouTube account or are on CPAC.