is a Research Associate at the Center For International Policy Studies, University of Ottawa and a Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of St-Andrews in the United Kingdom. Philippe is currently writing a book developing a new sociology of military knowledge based on the history of design in armed forces. He literally followed the footprints of Design from Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the US army, US Special Operations Forces and Canadian Forces. Philippe conducted more than 70 interviews with developers, instructors, planners and commanders using design or challenging its instituti
onalization. He plans to publish a journal special issue and a book chapter about this in 2017, an academic article in 2018 and a book in 2019. Beyond design, Philippe is turning his thesis into a book with Routledge’s New International Relations Series. This book will cover confirmation biases involved in the use of academic concepts for making sense of the Iranian nuclear crisis between 1998 and 2016. He already published in International Relations about Actor-Network-Theory and Reflexivity (2015) and in the International Studies Journal about smart power/soft war and sustainable diplomacy (2014).

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