Benjamin Zyla is a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for International Relations at Queen’s University, and the Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa. His research interests lie at the intersection of international relations (specifically international organizations and international security studies), global governance, foreign policy analysis, and transatlantic affairs. Ben is currently working on two research projects. Funded by a SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship (2009-10), he compares the whole-of-government approaches of Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States in the context of peace-building in Afghanistan. In collaboration with Phil Lagassé, he is working on he is working on a project that tries to identify and explain the factors that propelled the evolution of Canadian national policy in the 1990s. This project is funded by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Office of the Vice-President, Research, University of Ottawa (2009-2010). Ben holds Bachelor degrees from Sweden and Germany, a M.A. in Political Science from Carleton University (Ottawa, 2003), and a Ph.D. in War Studies (as a civilian) from the Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston, 2007). In the summer of 2008, Ben was a Visiting Scholar at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University. His previous research was also made possible by a postdoctoral fellowship from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa (2008-09), and the R. B. Byers postdoctoral fellowship held at the Centre for International Relations, Queen’s University (2007-08), the Government of Canada Award (International Council of Canadian Studies, 2005-07), and a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, 2002-2003).

A summary of the SSHRC project can be found here.




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Peer refereed journal article

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Peer-reviewed chapters in books

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Book reviews

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Other articles

  • Zyla, B. “Why Canada Makes a Difference,” Vanguard Magazine (March/April 2008), pp. 14-15.
  • Mariano, Stephen J.; Zyla, B. “Ten Reasons to Stay in Afghanistan.” National Post, A14, Tuesday, April 11, 2006. Réédité dans The Transatlantic Quarterly (Fall/Winter/Spring 2005-06), published by the Atlantic Council of Canada.