Mark B. Taylor Mark B. Taylor is the Deputy Managing Director of the Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies, Oslo, a Senior Advisor to Global Witness’ Ending Impunity campaign and a contributing expert commentator for Al Jazeera English television. A former Managing Director of Fafo AIS, Mark has worked on such issues as international law and the regulation of business entities, the sociology of armed groups, and the reform of UN peace operations. Recent projects include Business and International Crimes (, the ‘Red Flags’ initiative and the joint Fafo-NUPI team to establish the Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre (Noref). Mark holds a B.A. in Religion from McGill University, in Montreal, an LL.M in Public International Law from Leiden University, The Netherlands, and is presently pursuing a PhD in public international law at Leiden. Recent publications include articles on corporate accountability and trans-national law, the regulation of war economies and the politics of the Middle East.