Nicolas Lemay-Hébert is in the final stage of completing a Ph.D. in political sciences at the Institute for Political Studies in Paris (Sciences Po Paris). Nicolas has been studying the UN administrations of Kosovo and Timor-Leste, trying to understand how the specific mandates given to these missions have had an impact on the state-building process from a local standpoint. His past experience includes various teaching positions at Sciences Po Paris, visiting student at the Department of Political Science, Princeton University in 2007-2008, and at the Liechtenstein Institute for Self-Determination (LISD), Princeton University in 2008-2009. He notably conducted a research mission in Timor-Leste in 2008 for the Institutions for Fragile States Program (Princeton University). He also worked as an intern-analyst for the NGO Doctors Without Borders (2004) and for the French Embassy in Georgia (2006). He is currently Director of the Center for Peace Missions Studies at the Raoul-Dandurand Chair (University of Quebec in Montreal).


Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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