Oskar N.T. Thoms completed a Ph.D. in Politics at Princeton University (2017), where he studied international relations, comparative politics, and quantitative methods, and earned an M.A. in Sociology (2005) and a B.A. in International Development Studies (2003) at McGill University. He was Research Associate at the McGill Research Group in Conflict and Human Rights (2005-06) and Visiting Research Associate at CIPS (2008-09), and  worked as a consultant on policy research projects supported by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Canadian International Development Agency (now Global Affairs Canada). He co-authored scholarly articles in Journal of Peace Research, Human Rights Quarterly, Conflict & Health, and International Journal of Transitional Justice (with James Ron, Roland Paris, and Howard Ramos). His ongoing research focuses on human rights and transitional justice.

Contact: [email protected]

Website: oskarthoms.net