4th Annual Graduate Student Conference

Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS),
University of Ottawa

March 22-23, 2012

This annual conference is organized by graduate students with the support of the Centre for International Policy Studies.


Location: Desmarais Hall, Room 12110

5:00 – 5:30               Registration

5:30 – 6:30               Panel 1: Migrants, Borders and Human Rights

  • ERICA VAN WYNGAARDEN, M.A. student in Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa
    “Citizens or Homo Sacer in Calais: Borders as the Permanent State of Exception”
  • SULE BAYRAK, PhD student in Political Science, Université de Montréal
    “Making Up Victims, Criminalizing Migrants”

7:00 – 8:00               Keynote speech

  • PAUL HEINBECKER, Former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations, director of the Laurier Centre for Global Relations

8:00                         Catered reception

FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012

Location: Desmarais room 3120

8:30-9:00                 Registration

9:00-10:10               Panel 2: Global Health and Access to Medication

  • ROXANNE DE SOUZA, M.A. student in Political Economy of International Development, University of Toronto
    “The Changing Landscape of Global Health: A Case Study of Primary Care in Brazil”
  • PHILIBERT BARANYANKA, Étudiant de doctorat en Études Internationales, Institut Québecois des Hautes Études Internationales (IQHEI), Université Laval
    “La problématique des brevets pharmaceutiques et l’accès aux médicaments dans les pays en développement : l’approche des biens publics mondiaux et du financement public international.”

10:20-11:40             Panel 3: The Global and Local Challenges of

  • SIAHRA SKELTON, M.A. student in Global Development Studies, Queens University
    “The Commercialization of Microfinance in Mexico and the Paradoxes of Neo-liberal Development”
  • SIOBHAN AIREY, PhD student in Common Law, University of Ottawa
    “Iterations and interactions – tracking the evolution of the concept of development in international human rights law and international trade law – some worrisome signals?”
  • EMILIA BARBU, PhD student in Economics, York University
    “Offshoring and Employer-Provided Training”

11:40-12:30               Lunch

12:30-1:50                 Panel 4: The Arab Spring and the Future of the
                                   Responsibility to Protect

  • SID RASHID, J.D./M.A. student in Common Law / International Affairs, Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University
    “Preventive Diplomacy and Mediation through RtoP: A missed opportunity for Libya and Canada”
  • AMY KISHEK, M.A. student in Political Economy of International Development, University of Toronto
    “The Future of the Middle East: How relations with Europe and North America in 21st Century are shaping Middle Eastern regionalism”
  • JACK MACLELLAN, PhD student in Political Science, Carleton University
    “Back to reality: Identifying scholarly and practical shortcomings in (current) conceptualisation(s) of humanitarian intervention”

2:00-3:20                  Panel 5: Security Challenges in the 21st Century

  • JEAN-FRANÇOIS BÉLANGER, M.A. student in Political Science, Dalhousie University
    “Stategic Stability in the 21st Century : Towards A BMD Paradigm”
  • REBECCA JENSEN, M.A. student in Public Administration, Joint Program, University of Manitoba / University of Winnipeg
    “Can Liberal Democracies Win 21st Century Wars?”
  • KATE WOOD, M.A. student in Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa
    “The Changing Face of the Global War on Drugs – Past, Present and Future Policy Responses”

3:30-4:50                 Panel 6: Governing Environmental Degradation and 
                                 Scarce Resources

  • NICHOLAS BERNARDS, M.A. student in International Relations, McMaster University
    “Labour and Environmental Standards in Global Production: Conflict, Adaptation, and Change”
  • MARIE GAGNÉ, PhD student in Political Science, University of Toronto
    “Le nouveau mouvement mondial d’accaparement des terres: comment interpréter sa signification pour les relations internationales? ”
  • NATHANIEL VALK, M.A. student in Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa
    “Is Arctic Soft-Law Melting Away?”

5:00                        Closing remarks