Rafael Aguirre studies energy regulation and policy (oil, natural gas, hydrogen, electricity) in North America. His doctoral dissertation explores policy change in the natural gas sector in Mexico (University of Ottawa, 2021). Rafael has carried out research on Canada-U.S. energy relations, the politics of pipeline decisions and federalism in Canada, political polarization, and public opinion. During this postdoctoral fellowship Rafael is studying hydrogen policy in North America.

Rafael Aguirre holds a B.A. degree in international relations (El Colegio de México. Mexico City), and an M.A. degree in Political Economy (University of Essex, United Kingdom). His work on energy has been published by the University of Ottawa, Policy Options and Recherches Anthropologiques.

Rafael Aguirre has previous experience in journalism (Los Angeles Times) and public service, as an officer in the federal ministries of public safety, government and foreign relations (Mexico).