Dr. Stephanie Carvin was the Editorial Production Manager of the European Journal of International Relations from 2004 to 2006 and previously worked as a Research Officer for the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies in Toronto. She specialises in the politics of international law, the laws of war, and United States foreign policy. She also has a strong interest in international relations theory.

Research interests

She specializes in the politics of international law, the laws of war, international organizations and international legal institutions. She also works in the areas of American and Canadian foreign policy and trans-Atlantic relations. I have a strong interest in the Cold War and international relations theory.

She is the coordinator for the British International Studies Association’s International Law Working Group (BI-LAW) and work with the Centre for European Politics here at RHUL and works with the International Law Section of the International Studies Association. She was the Program Chair for the section and has been the Chair in 2009-10.