CIPS Launches Graduate Student Seminar Series in International Theory

Like its sister networks sponsored by the Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS), the International Theory Network (ITN) aims to create opportunities for students share to their ideas and develop a research community. To that end, a group of students is organizing a series of themed graduate student brown bag seminars, which will cater to Ottawa-based graduate students doing work in International Relations (IR) and cognate fields. The call for papers for the first seminar is out.

The inaugural seminar will feature a panel styled after the International Studies Association (ISA) convention rules: 10 minute presentations, followed by the discussant’s comments as well as an open Q&A session moderated by the panel’s chair. This format was chosen to prepare graduate students for professional conferences, specifically the upcoming ISA convention in San Diego.  Large conferences are an important part of the graduate student professionalization process for a variety of reasons, but they are known to be very intimidating and disorienting, especially for those presenting their papers for the first time. What might therefore help is an opportunity to present and discuss papers in a small and collegial setting made up of other graduate students and faculty members.

The dates, the themes, and the format of future ITN graduate student seminars will be determined by the organizing committee. For more information, go to the ITN website, and contact Erica van Wyngaarden, Félix Grenier, and/or other members of the organizing committee.  Kevin McMillan and I, as ITN co-coordinators, remain at your service as well.

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