Is Canada a Responsible Global Partner?

In anticipation of the December 5th book launch of the Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy, CIPS posed the following question to former Prime Minister Paul Martin (who will be speaking at the event): “What does the recently announced DFATD Global Markets Action Plan mean for Canadian diplomacy?” Below is Mr. Martin’s reply.

It is absurd to imply that trade and foreign policy are domains of the “either or.” The current government made the same kind of mistake a few years ago when it said that in order to focus on Latin America it had to forgo Canada’s involvement in Africa.

If Canada’s voice is not heard from on the great value debates, from poverty to climate change, from pandemic disease to the health of the oceans, then we are not going to be effective when the time comes to resolve the great trade debates.

Quite simply, the question will be, is Canada a responsible global partner?

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