The Ottawa Forum: Rethinking Canada’s International Strategy

It’s been almost a decade since Canada conducted a foreign policy review.

The Ottawa Forum on May 23-24, co-organized by CIPS and the Canadian International Council, will bring together some of Canada’s most insightful “next generation” policy thinkers and most experienced policy practitioners to map out an ambitious, forward-looking international strategy for Canada.

What major global transformations are now underway? How will these changes affect Canada? And how can Canada position itself to succeed as an effective and constructive global actor in the years to come? The Ottawa Forum will focus on defining solutions for the future, rather than replaying the debates of the past.

Participants will discuss eleven policy areas, ranging from trade and investment policy to cyber strategies. Each discussion will begin with a presentation by the author of a commissioned paper. The papers will later be assembled in a book to be published by University of Toronto Press.

Join the discussion! Click here for information and tickets.


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