Last Year’s CIPS Blog Highlights, Part 1: Harper’s Foreign Policy

Last academic year—our third year of publication—CIPS Blog presented a sterling lineup of posts on topics spanning the globe, with a particular focus on Canadian foreign policy. Below, and in successive newsletters this fall, we’ll be presenting highlights from the past year: some of the most interesting, insightful and tough-minded reflections on Canada and international affairs to be found anywhere online.

In this newsletter, we present the first selection of CIPS Blog Greatest Hits 2013-14. They concern a subject of compelling importance to many of our CIPS expert bloggers and readers: Stephen Harper’s foreign policy.

Since becoming Prime Minister in 2006, Harper has taken Canadian global affairs in directions that often diverge both from Canadian foreign policy of recent decades and from that of our allies, according to several CIPS bloggers. While Mideast policy is perhaps the most high-profile example of this shift, the government has also changed how Canada relates to international organizations such as the United Nations and how it deals with non-democratic global powers such as China and Russia.

Enjoy this selection of commentaries, and watch for more Greatest Hits in our next newsletters:

Natalie Brender
CIPS Blog Editor

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