Last Year’s CIPS Blog Highlights, Part 2: New Global Threats

Here at CIPS we are pleased with the flurry of blog posts that our expert authors have submitted in the new academic year: more than a dozen in the past two weeks alone – and more in the works. This speaks to the engagement of CIPS faculty and fellows in the sphere of public discussion, and to our lively roster of upcoming guest speakers.

Last week, we presented some highlights of our past year, focusing on Prime Minister Harper’s foreign policy. This week we present the second installment of the CIPS Blog Greatest Hits 2013-14, which surveys some of the new global threats that have riveted much international affairs commentary. These threats include a newly expansionist Russia destabilizing the post-Cold War order, violence in Afghanistan casting clouds on prospects for stability, the horrendous suffering in Syria, and the rise of diverse forms of militant Islamism in the Middle East and Africa. Here’s a round-up of incisive reflections on some of the year’s most troubling developments. Watch for more Greatest Hits next week.

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