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Welcome to a new source of Canadian conversation on global affairs: the CIPS website and blog, featuring contributors from the University of Ottawa’s roster of researchers working on international issues. Our twenty-two featured bloggers for 2011-12 come from different parts of the university and have a wide range of interests and viewpoints. Expect cutting-edge essays on global events, reflections on Canadian foreign policy, reaction to current debates and events, commentary on the best new research, and spirited discussions to expand your horizons.

These CIPS blog contributors reflect the strength of the University of Ottawa as a centre for analysis of global issues and foreign policies. Over the past five years, the university has hired more than three dozen experts on different aspects of international affairs. They include political scientists, economists and legal scholars, as well as distinguished former policy practitioners, who joined a well-established faculty. Together, they represent what is now the strongest collection of international affairs experts at any Canadian university.

The blog is the centrepiece of the newly refurbished CIPS website. While this website gives us a new look, our main objectives are unchanged:

  • To fund and facilitate cutting-edge research projects on international affairs;
  • To create and support networks of researchers in areas of international expertise; and
  • To present a superb series of lectures and workshops on international issues and themes.

Please keep in touch with us. If you haven’t done so already, consider signing up for our email newsletter to stay informed of upcoming events and the latest additions to the CIPS Blog. You may also wish to subscribe to one of our RSS feeds, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

In a world of dizzying change, we need solid, insightful analysis of international affairs. That’s what CIPS aims to provide.

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